What is the difference between patch fuse and glass tube fuse

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The difference between chip fuse and glass tube fuse:

1. In terms of cost, SMD fuses will be cheaper.

2. In terms of structure, chip fuses are more widely used, and glass tube fuses are only used in specific occasions.

3. In terms of function, SMD fuses have low-voltage and high-voltage parts. Basically, low-voltage SMD fuses are used for USB sockets, etc. Now high-voltage SMD fuses are also available, but they can only be used for power For products with relatively small segments, and generally speaking, I2T is also much lower than that of lead wires such as glass tubes. Be careful when starting up surges. Strictly speaking, high voltage is classified as fast break type;

Glass tubes are generally high-pressure, with slow and fast breaks, and are used on products with a wide range of power sections.

The selection of patch disposable fuses is not straightforward. It seems that it is only necessary to select a fuse with a rated current slightly higher than the worst case. This is not the case in practice, and it is necessary to consider the reduction in operating current and the operating ambient temperature.

The selection of fuses also needs to consider current surges or spikes caused by power-on and other system operations (such as processor speed changes or motor starting, etc.).

SMD fuses are widely used in over-current maintenance and use, but due to different processes, they have different advantages than plug-in self-recovery fuses, and SMD fuses also have some of their own weaknesses. Disposable chip fuses are at the same time unreplaceable compared to chip self-recovery fuses. In some specific occasions, only chip disposable fuses can be used.