What is the difference between PTC thermistor and PTC heater

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PTC thermistors are also called resettable fuses. Are PTC thermistors the same as PTC heater products? What is the difference between PTC thermistor and PTC heater?

The working principle of PTC thermistor is different from that of PTC heater:

The working principle of PTC thermistor: PTC thermistor (positive temperature coefficient thermistor is a self-recovery fuse) is a temperature-sensitive semiconductor resistor,

Once it exceeds a certain temperature (Curie temperature), its resistance value is almost gradual as the temperature increases.

The temperature change of the PTC thermistor body can be obtained by the current flowing through the PTC thermistor, or by external heat input or a superposition of the two.

Working principle of PTC heater: PTC heater uses PTCR thermal ceramic components, which are composed of multiple single-piece composite materials and corrugated aluminum strips bonded with high-temperature adhesives.

It has significant advantages of low heat resistance and low heat exchange efficiency. Its biggest feature is its safety. When the fan is blocked, the PTC heater will not be completely dissipated, and the power supply will drop sharply.

The surface temperature of the heater will remain limited to the Curie temperature (generally 220 ° C), so as not to cause "redness" on the surface of the electric heating tube heater and eliminate the hidden danger of the accident.