What are the applications of self recovery fuse in computer

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Tablet computers are digital products used by most people today. They can use the functions of most desktop computers and are widely used. The tablet computer is mainly composed of a built-in lithium ion battery (power supply), a main control board and an LCD display part. The external interface has an SD card headphone jack and so on. The following describes the application of self-recovery fuses in tablet computers.

How to use resettable fuses in tablet products:

1. Solve the problem of self-recovery fuse in the computer

1) Mainly solve the short circuit problem of the tablet computer, because the control circuit overload prevents the control circuit board from short-circuiting, and damages the lithium battery power circuit during assembly production.

2) The self-recovery fuse is used to control the output of the circuit and the 5V power cord of the USB interface. The main purpose is to prevent the USB load short circuit and the control circuit of the tablet computer from burning out. At the same time, the input current is prevented from burning out the input current of the tablet.

2. Location

1) The self-recovery fuse is used between the tablet PC lithium-ion battery power output and the main control circuit power input;

2) Self-recovery fuses are used between the control circuit and the USB serial data interface.

Three, specific usage

1) A self-recovery fuse is connected in series between the lithium battery power output of the tablet computer and the power input of the control circuit.

2) Connect the self-recovery fuse with the 5V power line of the control circuit output and USB interface.

4. Are there other protection methods?

The most used is the one-time current fuse, which was eliminated due to frequent maintenance and repair costs. The solution will be phased out gradually, and finally self-recovery fuses will be used.