What are the types of PTC thermistor

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PTC thermistor for degaussing circuit. It is characterized by no contact, no noise and long product life. The product is used in the demagnetization circuit of colorful CRT, effectively demagnetizing the CRT shading plate that is magnetized due to the influence of the magnetic field, and improve the color barrier. Types are: MZ71, MZ72, MZ73, MZ1, MZ2, MZ3, etc.

SMD chip PTC thermistor. This type of resistor is in the shape of a planar chip, suitable for mass production of circuit board patch packaging, with higher efficiency and low defect rate.

Polymer material PTC thermistor. This kind of PTC is mostly seen in PPTC's self-recovery fuse, which has functions such as over-current and over-temperature protection, and can be restored. Under normal circumstances, a low-resistance state occurs. Once an over-current phenomenon occurs, the PTC thermistor self-heats to increase its impedance to suppress the current to a small level and protect the subsequent circuit.

PTC constant temperature heating components. This PTC heating element has the characteristics of constant temperature, temperature adjustment, and automatic temperature control. It does not emit red, no open flame, no incineration, is safe and reliable, and has a long life. When the PTC module is heated, the resistivity is very low below the Curie point temperature; once it exceeds the Curie point temperature, the resistivity increases sharply, making its current drop to a stable value, and then reaches the intention of automatic temperature control and constant temperature. Widely used in electric appliances such as tea set disinfection cabinets, coffee machines, chocolate machines, electric mosquito repellent devices, thermostats, physiotherapy instruments, heaters, etc.

Motors, motors, etc. start PTC thermistors. This kind of resistance is mostly seen in the disc-type structure of the light sheet, which is more suitable for the clamping contact method and is mostly used in single-phase induction motors. When the motor is started, a large torque is often required, and the PTC motor starting element is an important component required for this motor to start.

Power PTC thermistor. Generally, PTC thermistors are connected in series in the power supply circuit.The current shunted through the PTC is normally less than the rated current, and the resistance is very small. Then limit or block the current to protect the circuit behind from damage.