Plug in varistor

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What should I do if the TV creaks and the plug-in varistor heats up?


The plug-in varistor is a protection device, which is connected in parallel to the input circuit, even if the copy is working normally, there is a weak current, and the heating is normal. If the input voltage is severely overvoltage, such as 380v power, the varistor It will break down and burn out the fuse to prevent serious consequences such as fire on the circuit behind due to overpressure.

What domestic products can replace varistor MU503?


This is a plug-in varistor made of zinc oxide. It can be replaced by any varistor of the same specification in China.

MU503, this is a universal plug-in varistor called Maida Development Corporation. This is an electronic component supplier, and the varistor is manufactured under the OEM (now OEM in the Taiwan factory in the mainland). We generally call him "Maida" brand varistor, it is easy to recognize, it has laser printed logo on both sides

Can be directly replaced with the conventional varistor of the domestic 10D151, 10K151 and other D10MM 150V varistor voltage