August 2018 company Zhuhai Tourism

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When you walk into August, you will see that the colors of August are like the sunshine shining on the happiness of life, rolling on the fields, flicking the tender green seedlings, rising in the sky, reflecting the white clouds, and the busy figure Here, stroking the joy of tilling. In order to reflect the company's corporate philosophy, enrich employees 'amateur cultural life, cultivate their sentiments, ease employees' work pressure, let employees enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature after work, and give everyone a chance to relax completely. The company organized all employees to visit Zhuhai from August 18th to 19th:

1. [Yuanming New Garden] was officially completed and opened on February 2, 1997. It is located at the foot of Shilin Mountain, Jiuzhou Avenue, Zhuhai. : 1 proportion selected 18 of the 40 scenic spots of the Old Summer Palace, built with an investment of 600 million yuan, is one of the first 4A scenic spots in China.

2. [Fantasy Water City], big and small friends come together to restart the summer cool journey, Water City creates a new parent-child family slide, with a total length of 216.54m. The highest drop is as high as 19.3m. It can accommodate 4 people at a time, suitable for you to experience with your family and friends. The inside of the pipeline also has a dazzling illusion of light and shadow, making people seem to fall into a dream time tunnel when playing. Stimulate the passion of the project and enjoy the screaming: Domineering King Cobra, Nile Grand Slalom, Racing Slide, Rainbow Slip, Spiral Slide, Dream Family Fun Fun Dream Water City launched this year's parent-child series, which is in line with the concept of green health national sports , To drive the family of Zhuhai to exercise and be healthy! The Dazhai Village in Egypt is a 710-square-meter water stage with a height of 13.8 meters and 6 different slides.

3. [Macau Island Tour] is one of the most representative tourism projects in Zhuhai. The cruise departs from the Wan Chai Tourist Pier, and the sailing time is one hour, so that tourists have enough time to take pictures and watch. The cruise ship passes through the Hong Kong and Macau Flying Wing Channel, which can enjoy the majestic state of the world's most advanced flying wing ship; when the cruise ship crosses the Macau Friendship Bridge, the Bank of China Tower, Lisboa Hotel, Catholic Church, Macau Government House, Macau return Monuments and other attractions are displayed in front of you. At the same time, you can also see the Macau International Airport, which makes you really feel like visiting Macau.