Selection of PTC thermistor

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PTC thermistor heating elements are high-tech cutting-edge products for modern and future generations. Widely used in light industry, residential, transportation, aerospace, agriculture, medical, environmental protection, mining, civil

Compared with heating elements such as nickel, chromium or far infrared, ptc thermistors have obvious advantages.

1. It has the special functions of constant temperature, temperature adjustment and automatic temperature control: when AC or DC voltage is applied to the ptc thermistor element, its resistance value is very low, lower than the Curie point temperature.

  At this point of temperature, the resistivity suddenly increases, causing the current to fall to a stable value, thereby achieving automatic control of temperature and constant temperature.

2. Non-burning, safe and reliable: PTC components are not red when heated, and there is no open flame (the resistance wire is red and there is open flame), and it is not easy to burn. When the temperature around the PTC component exceeds the limit, its power will automatically

    Reduced to equilibrium, there is no danger of burning.

3. Power saving: The energy input of the PTC component adopts proportional and current-limiting actions, which saves power compared to the switch-type energy input of the nickel-chromium wire and other heating components.

4. Long service life: The PTC component itself is oxide, without the disadvantages of high temperature oxidation of nickel-chromium wire, without the fragile phenomenon of infrared lamp, and the service life is long. And the porous type has a longer life than the non-porous type.

5. Simple structure: PTC component itself has automatic temperature control function, no need to add automatic temperature control line device. In particular, our new product, Porous Date PTC, does not require other heat sinks or conductive adhesives.



PTC Thermistor: Application Low-voltage ptc thermistor is suitable for all types of low-pressure heaters, low-temperature compensation of instruments, heaters for automobiles and computer peripherals. High voltage ptc component is suitable for next

Heating of electrical equipment: electric hot plates, shoe dryers, hot melt glue guns, rice cookers, electric shoes, electric blankets, etc.