How to select chip fuse and elements

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How to choose the elements involved in chip fuse and chip fuse selection?

Chip fuse selection involves the following elements:

1. Normal working current.

2. The applied voltage applied to the chip fuse.

3. Abnormal current required to disconnect the chip fuse.

4. Allow the shortest and longest moment when abnormal current exists.

5. Ambient temperature of chip fuse.

6. Pulse, surge current, surge current, starting current and circuit transient value.

7. Are there any special requirements that exceed the standard of chip fuses?

8. Scale constraints of device structure.

9. Required certification organization.

10. SMD fuse holders: SMD fuse clips, device boxes, panel devices, etc.

SMD self-recovery chip fuse scale from small to large: 0602 0805 1206 1210 1812 4420 2920 scale is only a simple standard for chip fuses. The key point is to look at the electrical performance of the self-recovery chip fuse: voltage, current, action time, resistance, and temperature are summed up to choose!

SMD fuse selection

SMD fuses-common standards for SMD fuses:

Type Standard & Current Standard High Current SMD Fuse (HA / HB) 1206: Up to 30A Slow Blow SMD Fuse (SB) 1206: Up to 8A Slow Blow SMD Fuse (SB) 0603: Up to 8A High Pulse SMD Fuse Fuse (HI) 1206: up to 8A high pulse chip fuse (HI) 0603: up to 5A fast break chip fuse (FA) 1206: up to 8A fast break chip fuse (FA) 0603: up to 6A fast break SMD fuse (FA) 0402: up to 4A ultra-fast break SMD fuse (FF) 0603: up to 5A HA / HB: high current standard. It is very suitable for various high current products, such as servers and storage systems, DC / DC converters, power tools, etc.

SB: Very high pulse endurance. It is suitable for high transient surge and power-on pulse current.

HI: High pulse current tolerance. It is suitable for high pulse current states, such as inverters.

FA: Fast-blow type, designed for applications requiring rapid maintenance.

FF: High pulse withstand capability. The ultra-thin design is suitable for applications with space constraints.